3 Key Ingredients to Success: Rob Scott


Well for me it’s about people. Having the right team working for you is crucial and ensuring they are motivated, skilled. Where possible it is good if they are on the same journey meaning that they are wanting the business to be successful too.  I think a business really is only as good as those working in it, but as a business owner, it’s understanding that your team will never be as engaged or driven as you but getting the best out of them is key.



Communication within the business on the direction you want it to be going is key. Sharing the plans with your team where you can, really helps engage them.  It also allows those not excited about the journey to get off the train!


Investing in people

Regular 1:1’s to discuss success and identify development opportunities and introducing training and personal development plans gives the business and team a real feeling that the business is investing in them. So my main ingredient to success is the team, great people management and investing in people to help you on your journey. With these in place success will come and without them you will find yourself spending more time focusing on internal nonsense than focusing on the business.


Rob Scott

Founder of Cabins Unlimited