5 Key Ingredients to Success: Chris Sargisson

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Chris Sargisson’s 5 Ingredients to Success

Chris Sargisson, Cheif Executive, Norfolk Chambner of Commerce

Build the Right Working Culture

Just because Google’s offices have slides and prosecco bars does not mean that you should have one too.

Whether you’re creating or re-engineering a working culture, it can only happen when you, as a leader truly understand and share the compelling values that your organisation will work towards. Your daily actions from then on must align and support the vision and values which in turn will influence decisions and the actual design of working spaces, so if your team aren’t behind the slide and prosecco, they won’t be happy if every meeting starts with ‘hic-ups’ and burns on the elbows!

Be Creative

From my experience, the leaders who motivate and empower their people to encourage creative thinking tend to build solutions and processes that result in faster problem solving and change. Be creative in creating creativity!

Take Risks

Embracing the unknown has always been a big part of my working life, as Facebooks Mr Mark Zuckerberg recently said, “The biggest risk is not taking any risk.” The skill required is more around the understanding of how to mitigate the risks, stepping into the unknown but keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Be Customer Centric

Build strategies that put your customers at the core of your business. This is not just about offering great customer service it means offering a great experience, always. That ‘experience’, in my world, means before, during and after any interaction. I was once served in total silence at a supermarket checkout, when I suggested that it might have been nice to say ‘thank you’, the person simply and without speaking pointed to the words ‘thank you ‘written on the receipt. Please behave in a way that’s 100% opposite to this.

Defining your Differentiator

Know why you are different and let it define you, drive you, motivate you, market you and then ‘ta da’ sell you to the people who need you!

Chris Sargisson

Chief Executive

Norfolk Chamber of Commerce